Why Register Democrat, and Vote in the Primaries? Because the Far Left Is.

Poll after poll after poll after poll showed strong support for the Amazon deal. So why would representatives like Senator Gianaris and Councilmember Van Bramer ignore the majority of their constituents? Because their political careers depend on the small fraction of constituents who show up for the Democratic primary, which is now dominated by the far-left.

Primaries Are Where Politics Happens Today, And That's Why The Amazon Deal Died

The above title of an article by Ben Smith in Buzzfeed says it all. Senator Gianaris, Councilmember Van Bramer, and everyone else saw AOC beat Congressman Joseph Crowley in the 2018 Democratic primary. It is of course a notable achievement, but it is also notable that only 13% of registered Democrats turned out. Smith writes in his article:

To be a successful American politician right now is to think obsessively about your primary, about your base, about who will bother to show up. If you represent western Queens right now, that means you're thinking about Democratic socialists. The role of Gianaris and other local pols in standing up to Amazon means they believe their futures depend on their new friends on the left, not their new enemies in the city’s business community.

Not a Registered Democrat? Register Democrat Now! The Deadline to Vote in the 2020 Primaries is October 11, 2019.

To put it bluntly, in NYC, if you aren’t a registered Democrat, and you don’t vote in primaries, your vote doesn’t count. Primaries matter. If you are unaffiliated with a party, or an uncommitted Republican, please consider re-registering as a Democrat. To vote in the June 2020 primary, you must register before the November 2019 general election, and to vote in the 2020 Presidential primary, you must register before October 11, 2019.

Donate! We’re a grassroots campaign, and support from individuals like you will be critical to our success.

Special interests that typically provide the vast majority of funding to New York State legislative campaigns are unlikely to take a gamble on an insurgent campaign challenging a powerful incumbent. Senator Gianaris has over $2.5 million in mostly special interest money in two accounts, Friends of Mike Gianaris, and New Yorkers for Gianaris. Furthermore, he is the chair of NYS Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, giving him great access to special interest donors and resources.

Just $1 will send a clear message that you disapprove of how Senator Gianaris handled the Amazon deal. Larger donations, whether it is $10, $75 or the maximum of $7500 for individuals, would of course be a greater help.